Privacy Policy

1. About FlashbackSRS

FlashbackSRS is a web and mobile app for educational flash cards, operated by Jonathan Hall. 

Using certain features of FlashbackSRS requires that we collect and record certain information from you. This document describes the privacy policy used in governing data used within the app, and associated web sites or services.

2. Information we collect

  1. Flash card answers. Any answers you input during the use of the system may be retained, in whole or in part. In some cases, your anonymous answers, may be reviewed or verified by humans, either representatives of FlashbackSRS, or with your prior approval, other users of FlashbackSRS.
  2. Study history. FlashbackSRS’s algorithm depends on learning from your study history. Statistics about which answers you got right or wrong, how long it took to answer, and which questions are easier or harder can all be used in this algorithm. This information is never shared, except as anonymized, aggregated data.
  3. Custom configuration. Any configuration settings made in the app are stored by us. We may perform anonymized, aggregated analysis of this information.
  4. Device information. We collect information about the device and applications you use to access FlashbackSRS and related services, such as your IP address, operating system, browser ID, display size, and other information about your system and connection. This information is never shared, except as anonymized, aggregated data.
  5. Server log data. Our servers keep log files that record every access to the server, including the requesting IP address, time of the request, and which service was accessed.
  6. Product performance & usage data. General statistics about the usage of the app are recorded, such as how often individual features are used, and how well they perform on your device. Generally this data is used for the purpose of improving the product.
  7. Custom content. If you create and upload custom content (such as flashcard templates, custom images, or other content), we will store this information for you. This information will never be shared, except with your express consent.
  8. Email address & social media ID. When you create an account with FlashbackSRS, this is typically done through a third-party authentication app, such as Facebook or Google. As such we store your email address, and associated authentication provider information.
  9. Feedback & support requests. Any feedback or support requests submitted to us, whether through email, through the app, over the telephone, etc, may be retained.
  10. Friend lists & email addresses. Use of some features may require sharing friend lists or email addresses with FlashbackSRS.
  11. Public comments or content. If you choose to participate in any public forum, such as commenting on blog posts, on our social media accounts, or in public chat, that information may be recorded and shared publicly.

3. Cookies and local storage

FlashbackSRS and its partners depend on cookies and browser local storage to track your session and study practice.

4. Use of information obtained

FlashbackSRS may occasionally send you email regarding service-related changes (such as changes to this privacy policy).

With your consent, FlashbackSRS may also send you other emails with promotional or educational content, intended to enrich your use of FlashbackSRS, or to inform you of related services or products.

With your consent, FlashbackSRS may contact your friends via email or social media, or post to your social media account, on your behalf, such as to share a FlashbackSRS-related achievement or milestone, or to invite friends to use FlashbackSRS.

FlashbackSRS uses your provided answers to gauge your success in your study, and schedule flashcards for future review. With your consent, FlashbackSRS may share your answers with other users of the app, for peer-review of answers, and may share answers from other users with you for you to review.

FlashbackSRS uses your access logs, study history, device type, and related data, to help improve the FlashbackSRS experience in various ways, as well as to identify and repair problems with the service, and ensure the security of the service.

FlashbackSRS stores custom content as a service to you, and makes no claim to the intellectual property ownership of custom content.

FlashbackSRS uses feedback and support requests to respond to your inquiries and to improve the services provided.

FlashbackSRS may combine personal information with other information we obtain about you (such as information from third parties) to provide a more personalized experience to you, such as to deliver a product or service according to your preferences or restrictions, or for advertising or targeting purposes.

5. Data retention policy

We retain personal information where we have an ongoing legitimate business or legal need to do so. Our retention periods vary depending on the nature of the data involved, but generally, we keep personal data only so long as:

  • It is necessary to provide the service to you
  • There is a contractual or legal obligation to do so

For uploaded content, or personal data that you, the user, have direct access to, we will retain the data either until:

  • You delete it yourself
  • Your account has been closed for a reasonable time, such that it is no longer reasonable to retain the data (i.e. in case you were to re-activate your account)
  • You request that we delete the data on your behalf

When we no longer have a legitimate business or legal need to keep personal data, generally as outlined above, we will either delete the personal data, or anonymize it,  such that it is no longer possible to be tied back to you. In some cases, (such as server back ups), where it is not possible to delete the data, it will be isolated from further processing until deletion or anonymization is possible.

To request a purge of your personal data, send a request to

6. Links and third party web sites

The FlashbackSRS apps and website include links to third-party web sites and services, whose privacy practices differ from ours. It is your responsibility to become familiar with the privacy policies of any third-party sites or services before submitting information to them.