Flashback makes language learning more fun!

Flashback Spaced Repetition Software is designed to make language learning more effective and more fun.

Unlike traditional language courses, Flashback doesn’t bore you with abstract grammar.  Unlike popular online courses, Flashback doesn’t teach you ridiculous phrases you’ll never use.  Unlike flash cards, Flashback doesn’t bore you with constant repetitions. And unlike other flash card software, Flashback is dynamic, tailoring itself to your schedule, and learning priorities.

How does it work?

A “micro lesson” for the Spanish word pato (duck).

Micro lessons

Flashback presents you with small, bite-sized “micro lessons”, focusing on a specific language concept, word, or phrase. Each micro lesson fits on one side of a simple flash card.

You will spend most of your time in Flashback reviewing the material you have learned, using a special algorithm that guarantees you’ll retain 90% of what you have learned at all times.

We believe that the best language learning happens in your target language, so all Flashback cards–both micro lessons and reviews–are entirely in your target language. Of course we know that learning a language requires a starting point, so each card also has available hints, indicated by the icon. Hints include English-language translations of vocabulary, and English-language definitions, or other context-relevant hints for when your memory is stumped.

On each vocabulary lesson card you will see:

  • The word to be learned.
  • The pronunciation, both using the [International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Phonetic_Alphabet), and recorded audio.
  • The part of speech.
  • Synonyms. This is especially useful when grading–there can be more than one correct answer!
  • The definition, in your target language.
  • The etymology, or other hints to help you remember the word.
  • A list of related words.


Daily reviews.

Daily reviews

You will be tested daily on the following aspects of vocabulary:

  • Visual recall – Can you recall the meaning of a word when you see it?
  • Auditory recall – Can you recall the meaning of a word when you hear it?
  • Production – Can you remember the word when presented with the definition?
  • Spelling – Can you spell the word?

Quiz cards contain hints (), which you can use if you are stumped. Each will reveal some additional information about the word, such as translating the definition to English, or revealing the part of speech. But remember: You learn better when you can recall a word without hints!

Other language concepts, such as verb conjugation and grammar, are tested with cloze tests, in which you must fill in the blank with the missing words.  The cloze tests will naturally incorporate your vocabulary items, as well.


Grade the answers of students learning your native language.
Grade the answers of students learning your native language.

Self- and Peer-Grading

Your answers are shared (anonymously, of course!) with the community, so that native speakers of your target language can gauge your performance.  Likewise, you get to review the answers of other students learning your native language.

You will grade pronunciation and vocabulary on a three-point scale:  Correct, Mostly Correct, or Incorrect.

Flashback automatically considers this grade when scheduling future reviews of the same topic. If your answer is deemed correct, Flashback will wait longer to quiz you about it again. If your answer was mostly correct, Flashback will quiz you more frequently, to help you solidify the information in your memory. And of course, if your answer was incorrect, Flashback will help you learn the correct answer.